New Photos Online: 2002 gets bigger; 2003 added.

Tom Troscianko sent me a CD with circa 400 photos from the 2002 and 2003 meetings, you'll probably be glad to hear I've sorted through them and slimmed that down to something more like 150. The arrival of the 2003 photos on the web site was slowed down by this, and then the early (Twelve and a half weeks) arrival of our baby!

As many of you know, Daisy Wade Simmons was born on the 10th July, she's doing great (though still in high dependency care) as is mum Helena (doing great that is, not in high dependency care).

Hope you enjoy the photos, please leave any comments in the site forum or on the meeting page, rather than bombarding my in-box. Thanks.



How can I see your photos?

Meeting Photos

They're in the Meetings section. The photos of the meeting that is.
Reading that story again it implies the're are baby photos. There aren't any online yet. I'll post when there are.

Adrian Simmons

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